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OSR Class: Trollkin (Half-Troll)

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You’re probably not really half troll, but have some portion of troll blood, or are merely the result of a curse or potion misuse. You look like an abnormally tall, gangly, lumpy, warty human. People view you as a freak, but not a monster - at least until they see your severed head talking.

Hit Dice & Attack: as Fighter

Saves: as Fighter, except Breath is 1 worse and Poison is 1 better

Experience: 3,000 XP to 2nd level

Troll Blood: You regain 6 HP at the end of each hour, unless hungry.

Lumpy: You have a +1 bonus to AC, but you are unable to wear armour other than leather.

Monstrous Hunger: You must eat two rations each day, instead of only one. You can smell meat and rotting corpses inside a room through the door, and you can eat things that most people couldn’t (or wouldn’t).

Troll Weakness: You take one additional die of damage from fire or acid (so 1d4 becomes 2d4, 6d6 becomes 7d6, and so on), and you cannot use your Limbs Shall Be Severed ability for 1 exploration turn thereafter. If you are hit with an attack while you are surprised and holding a torch, you must save vs. Breath or take 4 damage from the flame.

Limbs Shall Be Severed: Starting at 4th level, when a melee attack would kill you, roll to lose a random body part instead. d5: 1 = left leg, 2 = right leg, 3 = left arm, 4 = right arm, 5 = head. That part is now severed, and you are at 1 HP rather than dead.

If you rolled a limb, it falls off dead from your body, and grows back after 1 day.
If you rolled the head, your body drops dead, while your head is still alive. You still have your senses, but you cannot move or act except for attempting to bite anyone holding you for 1d2 damage. Your body grows back after 1 week.

When forced to roll for a lost body part additional times, you die if you are just a head, and you also die if you roll a limb that’s already missing.

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